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Customer Comments
We've received so many compliments on our little PA system that we would like to share a few of them with you. Our customers are constantly recommending the system to their friends. We thank you so much for your support!
Dan.. just a note to say I have received the PA system I bought from you at Magic Live.. I used it last night in the bar and it was the perfect tool for the job.. it was just enough to get up over the din of the crowd.. I love it... It is everything I had hoped for and more.. It is perfect for the bar. thanks
Doc Eason, Renowned Bar Magician,WC Fields Bar Magician of the Year Two time Closeup Magician of the Year, Lecturer of the Year, Basalt, Colorado

I recently purchased a PAS-8000 box. Wow, that is one nice product! It is the best quality for the price available anywhere. It is exactly what I was hoping for and even better! The sound is a great quality, the lapel microphone works really well, and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. Thanks!
Shawn Mathiesen, Rock Hall, MD

Have tried out the PA System at two children's parties today, both in halls, and I have only one word for it - FANTASTIC. It is everything you say, I can't believe the power coming from such a small thing. I am simply over the moon. So much lighter and more powerful than the other PA system I have been using. Once again, many thanks!
Brian Eames, Cabaret and Variety Performer, East Sussex, United Kingdom - England

I'd like to comment on my recent purchase of the Florida Magic Portable Sound PA System with which I am thoroughly delighted! The ease of operation is mechanically superb. The matching wireless microphone is 100% all pro as well. In addition to the vocal portion, I patched in a small music device which I employ by remote control for music. The sound, oh my gosh, the sound is incredible! "Packs small plays big!" Last Saturday following one of my performances, a gentlemen from the audience approached me while I was packing up. He didn't say a word but studied my sound system. I could read his thoughts. He was thinking "how can something that small produce such rich and vibrant sound?" I would recommend this system to anyone looking for a quality pa system which is very reasonably priced. Thanks Dan!
Terry Murphy, Chicagoland's #1 Magician

Perfect for Weddings - Indoors or Out!
Dan, Thanks so much for your helpful and friendly assistance when I purchased the PAS8000! I'm using it for officiating at both indoor and outdoor weddings and as we all know-people want to hear the bride and groom recite their vows. With this system there should be no problem! Thanks again
Catherine Herrin Olive Branch Occasions Bryan, TX

Great for Meetings, speeches, training, and more!
The system works great and was everything your web page said it was. We will be using it for meetings and employee gatherings under a variety of circumstances. The first time we were going to use it other staff members were watching me set it up and I could tell they were curious if this small system would provide enough sound. It sure did, without much adjustment at all. Also, your personal involvement in the ordering process is special and welcome in todays busy world. I liked that. I only wanted to do this once (and do it right) and you answered my questions right on the phone. Thanks again.
Thomas L Selander, State of Michigan, Kent County FIA, Grand Rapids, MI

Tried all the rest - uses the best!
"I never knew the importance of having a good sound system until I started doing school assembly programs over 10 years ago. I lost track of the number of times a school would tell me that they have a system I can use. Once I showed up, the system either did not work or was not at all what I needed. Another performer told me about the Florida Magic system and how I should get one. I was using a much larger system with lots of wires that was very heavy and took 10 minutes to setup. I sold the big system and bought a Florida Magic unit. The thing has so much power! After awhile I decided to try out some other units that were much more expensive and use the Florida system as a backup. I have to confess that every single system I tried gave me some sort of a problem between microphones going bad, not wanting to work, frequency problems, etc. Through the years, the Florida Magic system has been the only one that has worked without any problems whatsoever. "
Todd McKinney- School Show Presenter Texas

Todd's Testimonial Part Deux!
""Wow is all I can say about the new Florida Magic sound system. This thing sounds better and performs better than any other system I've ever used and that is many. The new version is even better than the old one which was pretty darn good. The new features are excellent to say the least. I think you've got a real winner here Dan!"
Todd McKinney- Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer 4 Kids! Texas

Used by Major Universities throughout the World!
I recently spent several hours on the Internet to select a portable public address system for our computer training center. I researched units from many of the “big names” and found one particularly interesting product from a company I had never heard of, Florida Magic & Sound. Intrigued by their name, I called the company and a real, live, knowledgeable human being answered the phone. Based on their website and my conversation with Dan, I ordered a Florida Magic PAS-787 portable PA system. Let me tell you - we are simply delighted with it. It is easy to carry, easy to set up, and sounds just great. Unlike higher-priced units we had previously tried, it seems immune to electromagnetic interference. Both our instructors and tech support personnel are impressed with all aspects of the PAS-787. Try it – you’ll like it! Y'all do good work!
Jim Groom ATG Tech Support Auburn University Montgomery

Joe gives us an A+++++++ !
I learned about the Florida Magic system by asking other performers on email lists about the best sound system to buy...and more of them recommended the Florida Magic system than any other...They all said they had good experiences buying from you. So I gave you a call. And you certainly did not disappoint me. You have been wonderful to deal with from the very first email, to our phone chats, to mailing out the system and, later, accessories for it, precisely on time as promised. And now, after using it a few months I can tell you this: 1. The Florida Magic pa is the best quality system, the easiest to set up, the most convenient to carry...and, important for me, the lightest sound system I've ever used. 2. You were not kidding when you said it has a superb built in wireless. Excellent quality! 3. Even though it is lightweight, its increadibly potent and has consistently good, crisp sound quality. 4. I've used it in very small groups, inside and out, and also big groups including school auditoriums: in each case the sound has been great (in every case better than the school's sound system).. It's hard to buy things sometimes because people overhype their products, the products tend to be inferior to what is hyped, and those who sell the products forget the term "customer service" and "reliability". Right down the line you and Florida Magic get an A+++++++ - and I would recommend your system to ANY entertainer, lecturer or educator who wants a superb, simple to use, light to carry and POTENT sound system that is worth every single penny!
Joe Gandelman, San Diego, CA

We've shipped units around the world - 23 countries - and counting!
This Florida Magic portable PA system is really a great system! I've used mine several times since I got it last week and I was so impressed with it. I've used it in our National Museum, in living rooms, in gyms and recently in a big school auditorium which housed about 400 kids! The auditorium technicians were so amazed by this small unit - they even said its sound is much clearer than their big system - and the volume wasn't even in its maximum. They can't stop wondering how such a small unit packs big power! I am really satisfied.
Ony Carcamo, Philippines

I bought your super-duper 5-lb PA system two years ago for pastors seminars in Tanzania - what a GREAT tool! We charged up the battery from the cig lighter each day en route to the next village, and it did a super job in a mud-brick church holding about 250 eager souls. I'm sending you a photo of the system in action and a few hundred smiling "graduates". Blessings to you and your company for providing a great product.
Brian Tenny, Charlotte, NC

Another "Word of Mouth" Recommendation - Thanks Carl!
I teach safety training and have been receiving nothing but positive comments with regards to using the Florida Magic system. I used the system in a fairly large room yesterday, one of the participants said that it doesn't even sound like a PA system because the sound is so natural. Another said that usually when they have meetings, the instructor is somewhat yelling in order for everyone to hear but this PA system made it so much nicer. I used to experience voice problems from strain, problem solved. The company that I did the training for will be contacting you shortly to order their own. Thank you!
Carl Collucci Transportation Safety Training Niagara Falls, ON CANADA www.transportationsafety.ca

Who let the Dogs out...
Meant to write to you a long time ago about the PA system, It is GREAT. Everything you said it was and more. I have used it for two classes of Dog Training in the gym and we hardly have the volume up at all.Now ALL my students can hear me, even with some dogs barking now and then. Since I am in the middle of the gym and my students move in large circles around me, even the ones I am not facing can hear me. You can quote me all you want. I really am a satisfied customer. I was worried at first because I move around a lot, and I handle my dog at the same time in order to show students how to handle theirs. Since I am not just standing still and talking I didn't know if the little mike would work well, as I am bending, looking down, up, and then around at the students but it did a beautiful job with none of the squeeking noise I have heard on other systems. Because dogs hear 8 times better than us, this would have upset the dogs as it would hurt their ears. today we used it in the 4th of July parade as our sound system for music. Again the unit performed excellent. Thanks for all your time when I was getting this system. It is the greatest and I have handed out your flyers to others (because I won't let them use ours!). No one at first believed that little light weight box could be so powerful and have such GOOD SOUND... You have a fine product!
Patt Wegmann,Professional Dog Trainer Little Swiss Village Resort and Farm, Minocqua, WI