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Useful Props and Accessories

Great props and accessories to make your shows and presentations more professional!
Just think of all the ways you can use these items. We'll keep adding more products as we find and test them.
Pro Diversity Wireless Hand-Held Microphone
Professional Quality High Band Wireless Hand-Held Microphone - great for vocalists!
$ 229.00
Better Quality Wireless HH Mic
A Better Quality Hand Held Wireless Microphone
$ 139.00
Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief (2-pack)
A soothing, moisturizing, lubricating and protective spray which mends your dry, sore, scratchy throat and horse voice, reduces congestion, and helps maintain comfort and vocal quality
$ 17.50
Palm Size 4 Channel Micro Mixer
Need more inputs for additional mics or music sources? Just plug this palm size mini mixer into the auxiliary jack of your PA, and you have just expanded your unit by four inputs!
$ 49.00
Guitar Microphone Pickup
An acoustic guitar pickup that even works on nylon string guitars, ukes, etc
$ 26.95
Waistband Amp
A mini PA system you wear around your waist! Headset microphone. Great for small groups.
$ 99.00
Waist Amp - Best Quality
Best Waistband amp on the market - loaded with features you can use!
$ 129.00
Folding Microphone Stand
Tripod base folding mic stand. Can also be used as a table/ performance stand base.
$ 36.00
Simply attach this Flange to a small piece of plywood, screw onto one of our folding mic stands and Voila! Instant Magician's table/Vent Performance stand!
$ 5.00
EZ Carry Folding Stand
A sturdy stand to hold a suitcase, footlocker or table top reduces to a compact bundle for easy carrying.
$ 44.99
Earset mic PAS787-767
A professional, super small tan colored mic that you wear over one ear.
$ 99.00
HM-28 Headset Microphone
Upgraded Headset Microphone for our Florida Magic pas767/ pas787 portable pa
$ 45.00
Earset mic PAS-8000
A professional, super small tan colored mic that you wear over one ear to be used with the PAS-8000
$ 99.00
Hands-Free Mic Holder
This around-the-neck device holds a standard Hand-Held mic at the perfect position and keeps your hands free!
$ 18.00