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Waistband Amp

Please understand, this Waist Amp is NOT a substitute for a good Portable PA system. It is only good for very small groups (10-25 people), and will work for walk around work, tour guides (again with small groups), and is useful for people who have damaged vocal cords and cannot speak in a normal tone of voice. Wear it around your waist. It works with six AA batteries and comes complete with a charger to recharge those batteries(don't confuse this with the cheap models that are not of the same quality and do not come with the charger!). The system has 5 watts of power and comes with a very nice headset microphone. It is small and lightweight enough to carry in a purse or briefcase.  You may have seen similar units on the market selling for $149.-$249.! If so, you'll love our price!


One more thing: The "belt size" is approximately 38 inches, some folks have a bit more "girth". One customer found a belt extender (webbed belting with a quick disconnect "parachute type clip" on each end) in the camping section of Wal-Mart for about $1.69.

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$99.00 $69.00
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