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  Portable PA Systems for Performers, Speakers, Schools, Libraries, Meetings, Trade Shows, etc. Small, Compact, Lightweight, Wireless Microphones and More! Welcome To Florida Magic & Sound! Don't let the name fool you, we are one of the most respected international suppliers of portable PA systems, catering to those needing a lightweight, compact, easy to transport and POWERFUL sound system! We have been in business for over 20 years providing our customers with quality products they will enjoy using.
Although we do not carry thousands of products, we (as working performers) have thoroughly tested each of them and firmly believe they are of the highest quality.
Should you have any questions, or not see something that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service is among the best you will find. We are here to help you in any way we can!
PLEASE ALSO VISIT OUR SISTER SITE (Mobile friendly) www.AlphaVoxAudio.com
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Sound Systems
Portable PA systems with wireless microphones that are small, lightweight and loaded with power
portable pa pas8000
OUR NEWEST MODEL! The Ultimate Portable PA! Many of you have come to this site in search of our legendary Florida Magic PAS-8000, PAS-787 and pas-767. We are proud to introduce our New, Completely Re-Designed model The PAS-8500 with many New Features! EASY TO CARRY - EASY TO SET UP - EASY TO USE!!! We have sold thousands of portable sound systems to magicians, ventriloquists, clowns, puppeteers, jugglers, and other performers around the world. Additionally, many of our units are in use at schools, libraries, churches, trade show booths,meeting rooms, etc. and by corporate motivational speakers, teachers. lecturers, and line dance instructors! 100 Watts of Power! The unit features TWO HIGH BAND wireless microphone systems built right in, is small and lightweight, but will cover LARGE audiences. Just click on the product name to learn more!
ONLY $499.
Anchor Liberty Dual Function Sound System-BASIC
For crowds of up 1000 people, this system is hard to beat. Battery powered, so you can set up anywhere!
Anchor Explorer PA System-BASIC
Anchor's Explorer System packs a load of power into a small package!
PA in a Podium
Powerful and portable PA System built into a lectern. Perfect for churches, schools, meeting rooms, etc.
Waistband Amp
A mini PA system you wear around your waist! Headset microphone. Great for small groups.
Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief (2-pack)
A soothing, moisturizing, lubricating and protective spray which mends your dry, sore, scratchy throat and horse voice, reduces congestion, and helps maintain comfort and vocal quality
PAS-8500 - The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery powered - self contained, weighs 10 pounds and loaded with features!!! Easy to Carry, Easy to Setup, Easy to Use!!!
The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery powered - self contained, weighs 10 pounds and a lot more!