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PAS-8000 - The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery powered and loaded with features!!! Easy to Carry, Easy to Setup, Easy to Use!!!

NEW MODEL AVAILABLE! Please check out our PAS-8500 with even MORE FEATURES that you'll love!


PAS-8000 is SOLD OUT/DISCONTINUED. Please check out the NEW PAS-8500 - Same Price - MORE FEATURES!!!

SMALL, COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT, Our PAS-8000 Portable PA System is perfectly suited for performers, teachers, motivational speakers, corporate trainers and anyone who needs a powerful, easy to use PA system that gets the job done! 100 Watts of Power! High Band Wireless microphone system built-in w/2 Wiress Mics! This baby will cover LARGE audiences (even a school gym), yet weighs only 7 pounds! Comes with Headset ,Lapel and Hand-Held Microphones Auxiliary input to hook up, CD, ipod, extra mic, etc. Line Out, Echo, Rugged case made of Wood and Metal – not cheap plastic! Built-In MP3 player with remote! Tired of lugging around a big PA system? Tired of multiple trips to the car, complicated, time intensive set-up, backbreaking weight, wires to run, lots of knobs to adjust, large financial investment for separate components? Then this system is just what you need! Schools, Libraries, Seminars, Meetings, Entertainers, etc. love our little system. Weighs only seven pounds. Set it up in under one minute. The wireless microphones are high quality, High Band systems (that is to say it is NOT like the cheap wireless mics that pick up interference from garage door openers and car alarms!). Use 2 mics at the same time!. Unit can be powered by its own, built-in, rechargeable 12volt battery – completely wireless! Covers LARGE audiences effortlessly! Our PA System is designed to be highly efficient and outperforms larger, more expensive and more powerful systems! Compare our system to those on the market costing twice as much, you'll be glad you chose this one. Its Amazing!

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