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Waist Amp - Best Quality
We've checked around and strongly feel this to be the Best Waistband Amp on the market! Now you no longer need to shout over the noisy kids! Features: A Big 15 watts of power Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery to give you years of service – charger included! Comfortable Headset, shoulder/neck strap and belt clip. Built-in MP3 player USB /SD ports with FM radio – play your music through the Waist Amp! Aux input to hook up your ipod! Suggested Uses: Great for Close-up and Walk-around work! Keep in your prop case for Emergency Sound Reinforcement – you never know when you'll need it! Other Handy Uses: Walking tours of the city when groups of your relatives arrive and expect you to “show them around”! Let your wife use it at the next PTA meeting! Give it to your kids to take with them on their next visit to the Grandparents! Listen to music at the beach – you can also use it to yell at the kids “stop putting sand in your brother's shorts”! Use from the front porch on the neighborhood kids - “Get Off of My Lawn”!

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The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery powered/self contained, weighs 8 pounds and a lot more!
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Power Megaphone
Keep those car lines moving - take another lap! This powerful megaphone can be heard up to a half mile away!
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A Value Priced Portable PA System with plenty of great features!
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Earset mic PAS787-767
A professional, super small tan colored mic that you wear over one ear.
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