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Portable PA systems with wireless microphones that are small, lightweight and loaded with power
Small, lightweight, Portable Wireless PA Systems ideally suited for Magicians, Ventriloquists, Clowns, Jugglers, Balloon Artists, Variety Arts Performers, Teachers, Motivational Speakers, Schools, Libraries, Meetings, Indoors or out.

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FloridaMagic's PAS-8000, our Best Seller - the complete story:
PAS-8000 - The Ultimate Portable PA
Thank you for your interest in our little PA System! The Florida Magic Portable Sound/ PAS-8500 has been a great success. This model was designed from the ground up (not a stock model with a different name on it like others have done..) to be the Ultimate Portable PA System! Thousands of our portable PA systems have been sold and everyone who has one is thrilled with it - I know you will be too! I started out by selling these systems to my performer friends, magicians, clowns, puppeteers, ventriloquists, jugglers, etc. As I have a background in the music industry and sound reinforcement, they thought they could trust me. Pretty soon the word got around, and performers from all over the world purchased this little system. I also began receiving calls from school principals, librarians, churches, corporate motivational speakers, missionaries and line dance instructors who had seen these performers with the Florida Magic system and wanted to know if I could send them one - you bet! Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little more about the system - practical application stuff - not just specs in a brochure, but an honest evaluation of how it works in real world performing situations. Let me introduce myself, my name is Dan Christopher, and I am a full time professional entertainer - a Ventriloquist (believe it or not, I'm not moving my lips as I write this!). My puppet friends and I perform in hundreds of schools every year, presenting educational programs on topics such as Self-Esteem, the Environment, etc. I have personally been using a Florida Magic PAS-80500 (and its predecessors,the PAS-8000, pas-787 and pas-767) for years in all of my school assembly shows and I can tell you, it works great! HUNDREDS of kids have been packed into cafeterias, auditoriums and gymnasiums to see my shows and this little PA allows them all to hear my message. The key to using a small system like this (and believe me, it is small 10.5"x8"x6.5"!), is that you must put the system up high - the audiences ear level or higher. If you put it on the floor, the sound goes to their feet, so I just set it on a desk, table, chair, etc and that does the trick. When working outdoors, expect the unit to cover about half the size of an indoor audience, as the sound disperses in the great open spaces - but you can still cover a couple hundred people. The unit comes with TWO wireless microphone systems built right in. These are high quality, HIGH BAND systems. That is to say it is NOT like the cheap wireless microphones that pick up interference from garage door openers and TV remotes! You receive THREE microphones in the box, a headset mic, which can be worn on your head or around your neck, and a clip-on lapel mic. As there is only one transmitter (the little belt pack) you can only use one of these mics at a time. Simply choose the one that suits you best, and keep the other one as a spare. Also included is a Hand Held Mic on a separate channel that may be used at the same time 2 people talking! The auxiliary jacks allow you to hook up a tape deck, CD player or another microphone to your PA.The auxiliary jacks have their own volume control so that your music level can be set differently from your voice. A built-in MP3 player with USB and SD slots will handle your music needs controlled with a wireless remote! Also Bluetooth capable! The pas-8500 has its own, built-in RECHARGEABLE 12V battery so the system is completely wireless - sound anywhere you want it!
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