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MiniVox Lite
Anchor Audio's MiniVox Lite public address system is a lightweight, compact, conveniently battery operated unit widely praised by users across all industries. The package includes wireless microphone upgrade options and a shoulder strap for mobility. The MiniVox is great for fire fighters, law enforcement, search and rescue squads, tour guides or any person needing voice amplification.Use the shoulder strap, sling it over your shoulder and go! Perfect for tour guides with large groups, the car pick-up line at school, or anyone who is looking for a small, self-contained PA system that will cover groups of 50-100. Made by Anchor in the USA and carries a six year warranty. Unit operates on 10 "AA" batteries (Alkaline or Rechargeable), and comes complete with a wireless microphone system built-in (your choice of a HandHeld, Lapel or a Headband mic). We'll even throw in a nice carrying case for travel. Retail price is $1036.00. Check out our LOW price!

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