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The Press Conference Portable Sound System
The Gulfstream jet eases to a stop near the platform that has been set up on the Tarmac. A crowd of several hundred supporters, fans, reporters and paparazzi has assembled, waiting anxiously. Your staff quickly sets up this high quality sound system in less than five minutes while the flight crew is lowering the steps. You exit the jet with much applause, step to the platform as your entrance music is being played with either the built-in CD player or mp3 player (“Hail to the chief”? Or maybe “Walkin' on sunshine”...). You are handed the well made wireless hand held mic and you begin your announcement that just may change the world...... OK, back to reality, whether you're a political candidate, a CEO, or a performer who needs a larger system for large groups without sacrificing quality, ease of use and portability then this system is for you! Weighing just 26lbs, the Press Conference System has a big 80 watts of power, a built-in High Band wireless hand held microphone, inputs for additional mics and a both a built-in CD player and mp3 player and recorder! The unit has its own, built-in rechargeable 12V battery that when fully charged gives 3 hours of talk time. Innovative Class D power amplifier technology, 8” speaker plus 1” tweeter, Voice Priority Function, User Friendly operation – an excellent system!

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