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Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief (2-pack)

Do you sing, teach, preach, act, present or sell? Even if you use your voice "just talking" you ought to know about Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief.

A few of us, radio announcers, opera singers and stage actors, for example, have jobs that absolutely demand one's very best voice all the time. However, many more of us are involved in everyday activities like conversing, explaining, teaching, or selling that depend to some degree on vocal quality. When your voice is hoarse or your throat is uncomfortable, your ability to perform your job effectively, or do what you need to do is compromised.

Entertainer's Secret Throat Relief, formulated to resemble natural secretions, is designed to moisturize, humidify, lubricate and protect the mucous membranes of the throat and larynx. When sprayed into the throat orally or nasally, it adjusts the viscosity of the mucous so it can flow. Further, if the area is kept moist, it is better prepared to resist subsequent problems.

What's in it? Sodium CMC, aloe vera gel and glycerine, proxies for the naturally secreted materials, are blended into a pleasant tasting solution. It does NOT contain numbing anesthetics, drying alchol, steroids, antiseptics, analgesics, antihistimines, decongestants, anti-inflammatory agents or any other "medicine" which can produce adverse effects. You get TWO bottles for this low price! (two, 2.0 FL OZ spray bottles). Price includes domestic shipping(International orders will have additional shipping charges).

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