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EZ Carry Folding Stand

For many years I have worked with my trunk sitting on top of a waiters' tray stand that I picked up at a restaurant supply house. I really like the set up but, because of its length, I find the waiters stand cumbersome to travel with, as well as carrying in and out of the venues. This stand is great! It is very strong and adjustable to hold anything from a briefcase to a footlocker, yet it compresses to a compact bundle. I've added a shoulder strap to make it even easier to transport. You can also add a piece of covered plywood and, Voila! - a large, sturdy, attractive table for your props. Stand is adjustable from 24" to 39" high, yet when folded and compacted it measures only 25.5" x 16". Order several - one or two for tables, one for a trunk, one for a PA system, etc.

$ 44.99