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Even more comments from our customers
We've sold thousands of our little PA systems mostly thru word of mouth(the Best kind of advertising!). So many folks have written to us with praise we had to add another page to the web site (and we have another folder full to post in the future!). Thanks for all your kind words, feel free to drop us a line with your comments and please continue to tell your friends - we appreciate it!
Lightweight and Easy to Set up
I used my new Florida Magic PA for a school show yesterday and it is GREAT! It was so nice not to have to lug a 75 lbs plus sound system and plug in numerous wires. I set it up in less than one minute and the sound was wonderful. Thanks for a system that has taken a lot of work off me.
H.C. Harvey, Top Hat Illusions, Plains, GA

We Don't Clown Around ...When it comes to Sound Systems!
Just a thank you for the Florida Magic Portable PA. It is everything you said and more. We could not believe how effective the system is. It covers a school auditorium with over 200 children in it. It covers a small classroom with only 20 children in it. The lightweight makes it very easy for us to carry from one job to another. The power that it puts out is just unbelievable. I have given the information about these units to many of my clown friends. I recommend it very highly.
Sam Littman aka Sil E. Sam (Elkins Park, PA)

PA in the UK
I'm thrilled with my sound system from Florida Magic. It has done all that I could ask for and more, and has made my presentations so much better and taken all the hassle away of wondering what kind of system the venue will have. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting a system.
Lynne Wald, Merry olde England

Howdy Pardner!
"I like that little rascal! Super lightweight and all the power I'll ever need.."
Old Doc Moore, Storyteller, TX

My Florida Magic System arrived today. I never paid too much attention to the dimensions, so when I saw it, I was thinking, it's a good thing so many people gave it such rave reviews, otherwise I'd be thinking I got ripped, like, "what's this little thing going to do". Well, of course, I immediately hooked it up to try it out and without even having it half way up, I was filling the house with my voice. I also did voices for my guys to listen to the clarity of different voices, and when I did Scotty (my main figure) I asked my daughter "who's that?", and without a moments hesitation, she replied "Scotty" (and then she told me to stop pretending I was Scotty!. So anyway, I can tell that it is definately going to be a nice little unit, easy to carry but with all the power I'll ever need. Thanks!
Dave Boiano (Ventriloquist, NY)

Play Us A Tune, Mike!
I received my system on Monday morning. I've been playing with it for a couple of days now and this thing is the greatest! It works perfectly with my keyboard. It's powerful, clean, and best of all, it's very small. Thanks for your help. If you're interested in hearing what I do, go to www.migooch.net. Let me warn you, however, my insurance doesn't cover earaches caused by my singing! Thanks again, Mike Mancini
P.S. All the art work on my page was done by the guy who recommended your system to me. His name is Joe Wos - an extremely talented and obviously wise man!

Waistband Amp is Great too!!!
Well here we go again. I recently purchased my second system from you and it's awesome. We are an industrial safety training company often talking to groups of 8-20 people. My staff use the WAISTBAND PA SYSTEM, they love it and so do our customers. The quality of the sound is awesome, it's very light weight, static/interference free, and the sound is very smooth. We provide training (most often in industrial settings where there is noise in the background) the WAISTBAND PA SYSTEM has definitely saved our voices. You barely notice that you're wearing it. If you speak for a living, you know the importance of not having to strain your voice. I used to have a dry, sore throat at the end of the day, problem solved. Don't hesitate to contact me via email if you want information. tst@cogeco.ca TST Safety Training Niagara Falls, Canada.
Carl Collucci TST Safety Training www.tstsafety.com

Easy to Operate
I just wanted to let you know I received the unit yesterday. This part is going to sound like a commercial, but what I'm going to say is true. I'm very impressed with the unit for several reasons. When I opened the box I first thought, "this is kind of small", but then I turned it on. WHOA. Wicked sound. And I'm not much in the technical department (but I am a great magician...haha), so the simplicity of operation is right up my alley. It's just like you said, "Plug it in, turn it on...then have fun." And a choice of a lavalier, and a headset too. This was really cool. Being from Canada, I also appreciated your feedback (pardon the pun) regarding any concerns I had. Wow, Customer Service too. I will be recommending this to all the magicians I know. Thanks again. I apologize for how that sounded completely like a commercial, but I didn't know any other way to say it.
Alan Grose, Award-Winning Close Up Magician, CANADA Edit Text

I received the portable sound system some days ago, and you were right. My first thought was "Holy Cow, I've really been taken." At first the darn thing sqwaked with so much feedback, I thought it was terrible...that's when I realized it was purely due to the awesome volume level! In the house, with such small rooms, I had to place the volume control as near to ZERO as it would go, and it was REALLY LOUD! I cannot wait to test this puppy in a gymnasium or auditorium! This piece of equipment has litterally changed everything about the way I will pack, load and set up my program for next year. I can't thank you enough!! By the way. I think I've talked at least one other performer into buying a system from you... Thanks again Dan. I am VERY pleased!!!
Todd Gale, School Show Performer, MI

Don't Wait!!!!
I recently purchased one of your sound systems and I used it in my magic act outside at a picnic for about 100 people, and I must tell you it worked GREAT !!!. I also had my ipod plugged into it. My only regret is that I waited so long before I purchased one. Thanks for your product. Sam Isgro Aurora Ont. Canada.