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FloridaMagic pas767
A Great Little System!!!
DISCONTINUED. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR NEW MODEL PAS-8000.............Small, Compact, Lightweight, POWERFUL, The Florida Magic PAS767 portable PA system is the number one choice of performers, educators and speakers. The unit is small (8"x9"x6.5") and weighs only five pounds. It will fit under an airplane seat for you world travellers, or will easily stow in the corner of your prop case. We have been using this system for years in all of our school assembly programs. As many as 500 kids have been packed into school cafeterias and auditoriums and gymnasiums to see our shows and this little PA system allows them all to hear the show. When working outdoors, expect the unit to cover about half the size of an indoor audience, as the sound disperses in the great open spaces - but you can still cover a couple hundred people. The unit comes with a wireless microphone system built right in. This is a high quality HIGH BAND system. That is to say it is NOT like the cheap wireless microphones that pick up interference from garage door openers, TV remotes and car alarms! You receive two microphones in the box, a headset mic, which you can wear on your head, or around your neck, AND a clip-on lapel mic. As there is only one transmitter (the little belt pack) you can only use one of the mics at a time. Simply choose the one that suits you best, and keep the other one as a spare. The auxiliary jack on the unit allows you to hook up a tape deck, CD player, another microphone, laptop computer, guitar, keyboard, etc. to your PA. The auxiliary jack has its own volume control ( an important feature not found on most of the other small PA's on the market)so that the music can be set differently from your voice. The line out jack allows you to hook up the PA to a larger system, allowing you to use your wireless mic through the large system. The best part is the price! The Florida Magic PAS767 is only $499.(plus shipping). Compare our system to those on the market costing twice as much (and more!). You will be happy you chose this one! The unit will work on 110V or 220V AC power. It will also run on a 12 Volt battery for those outdoor shows. Remember, don't fight to keep the audiences attention - command it! A good sound system is one of the most important, yet overlooked tools for any public speaker or performer. We guarantee you will see a difference in your shows, lectures, etc when you start using this PA system. Don't delay any longer - give us a call and order one - you'll be glad you did! 1(800)818-5698

PA Accessories and Options To Expand Your System!
Here are some products that may also be of interest to you:
PAS-8000 - The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery or AC powered, weighs 7 pounds and loaded with features!!! Easy to Carry, Easy to Setup, Easy to Use!!!
The Ultimate in Portable PA Systems! 100 watts, 2 wireless mics, battery or AC powered, weighs 8 pounds and a lot more! -- $ 499.00
Florida Magic PAS-787
The #1 Choice of Working Pros. Portable PA weighs 5 pounds, yet fills a gym! Wireless microphones built in. -- $ 399.00
Earset mic PAS787-767
A professional, super small tan colored mic that you wear over one ear. -- $ 99.00
Battery/Charger Outfit
A super small 12Volt battery to power your PA anywhere! -- $ 99.00
HM-28 Headset Microphone
Upgraded Headset Microphone for our Florida Magic pas767/ pas787 portable pa -- $ 45.00
Pro Diversity Wireless Hand-Held Microphone
Professional Quality High Band Wireless Hand-Held Microphone - great for vocalists! -- $ 229.00
Better Quality Wireless HH Mic
A Better Quality Hand Held Wireless Microphone -- $ 139.00
Palm Size 4 Channel Micro Mixer
Need more inputs for additional mics or music sources? Just plug this palm size mini mixer into the auxiliary jack of your PA, and you have just expanded your unit by four inputs! -- $ 49.00
PA in a Podium
Powerful and portable PA System built into a lectern. Perfect for churches, schools, meeting rooms, etc. -- $ 739.00