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Head Chopper!
$ 575.00
Heads will roll - and the audience will be on the floor laughing! This Lester Lake style Guillotine is very well made and packs flat, but will be the feature of your show! Don't forget, by adding a small illusion like this to your shows,not only does it make the show look bigger,  you can get higher performance fees! Invite a victim- er - volunteer from the audience. Show him how the chopper works by chopping a carrot, etc. (" A great new kitchen tool - it slices and dices..."). Lock his head in...lots of great lines... The blade passes thru his neck and he returns to his seat unscathed (well, better hold onto your ears for a half hour...just in case!). You should be able to get at least ten minutes of laughs out of this prop!

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